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Email Message (Artwork Design) Guidelines
Email Marketing Subject Line Comparison (get recipients to read on)

1. People who are new to email marketing often ask us, "How should I write my subject lines so that more recipients will open my emails?"

Next to the "From" Address-----which should be a recognizable company name----the subject line will determine whether your e-mail gets opened.

2. Keep it Subject Line short and sweet ( Maximum 10 Words ).

3. Email Marketing Message Subject words to Avoid.

Including any one of these words as part of your Email Subject, is probably going to drive your message to the 'spam' folder.

100% free-- 50% off -- amazing -- FREE -- Online marketing --
Visit our web site -- Discount! -- urgency --Sale
Your Promotion Email Marketing Artwork (FLYERS) Design.

Format JPG, Gif  and HTML
Dimension (Width and Height) , We suggest 700 x 900 Pixels
Size - Should be less than 150KB